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The Nexus 5001™ Forum supports the use and proliferation of the IEEE-ISTO 5001™ standard (Nexus 5001™). Spanning the semiconductor, development tools and automotive electronics industries, Nexus 5001™ Forum membership comprise industry leading silicon suppliers, tools developers, IP companies, and end users.

Nexus 5001™ is an open industry standard that provides a general-purpose interface for the software development and debug of embedded processors. The standardization of this interface benefits customers' reuse of their Nexus 5001™ compliant development tools on compliant processor architectures.

Nexus 5001 Forum Webinar Replay

This 90 minute webinar replay includes the following:

  • Live Nexus 5001 tool demonstrations featuring SW debugging, SW trace, high speed measurement, real time calibration, SW function bypass, and multi tool use
  • Use Case for the demonstrated tools
  • Overview of current IC’s supporting the Nexus 5001 standard
  • Q & A Session

IEEE-ISTO 5001-2012

The Nexus Standard is an embedded processor development tool interface that helps design engineers rapidly identify software-and hardware-level problems in real time. Updated in June 2012, the Nexus 5001™ standard is the only open debugging standard in the world that addresses the emerging multi-processor debugging problems of embedded systems with a common interface. The revised standard adds support for two new interfaces – IEEE Std. 1149.7™ (JTAG) and the Nexus trace over a high-speed Xilinx® Aurora SerDes (Serializers/Deserializers) interface, delivering an array of benefits such as shortened time-to-market, for designers. For more information, visit the Nexus 5001™ Standard page.

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